Smart Communicator
smartCommunicator® takes your message and creates an interactive delivery method with a built-in response loop to create profiles that micro-target your audience.
Novice users to the seasoned Campaign Manager are well versed in the “talk” of message delivery, but find that the “walk” part is easier said than done. smartCommunicator is the best solution for using a variety of methods to deliver your message straight to the door of your audience.

smartCommunicator reaches maximum potential when used in its entirety, though each feature module is independently powerful. Consider smartCommunicator if you are ready to use the most sophisticated and functional tool with:

  • 98% message delivery rate, as achieved by many customers
  • an ongoing cycle of feedback from your target market
  • a system for measuring your marketing efforts
  • more cohesive campaigns
  • the ability to speak to each member of a household’s unique interests
  • the latest message delivery methods
  • real-time conversations with your audience
  • automatic database updates and enhancements
  • a comprehensive social networking component
smartCommunicator has been a powerful tool in the communication and associated feedback of valuable data during recently completed campaign. We leaned heavily on the smartMailer, smartSurvey and VoIP calling services with great success.
-National Political Campaign
In The News
Airnet Group, Inc./ smarTech Corp. is nominated for several awards specific to cutting-edge technologies and the application of those technologies contained in the smartCommunicator suite of services. Awards will be presented on March 29th at the 2009 AAPC (American Association of Political Consultants and Public Affairs Professionals) Pollie Awards & Conference.
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