Smart Communicator
smartMailer® - This is NOT an email blast product, it is a concrete way of creating a clear connection with your audience in a secure, professional fashion. This tool allows you to manage and send up to 5 million emails per hour and has a 90% or better deliverability rate.
smartMessenger - Manages and sends Text Messages (SMS) to cell phones offering a direct and speedy connection to and fast feedback from the recipient.
smartDialer - The best method for building meaningful relationships with people is a direct conversation. Connect with your target audience and get your message heard quickly and cost effectively with smartDialer, which manages and delivers calls to traditional telephones and cell phones.
smartSurvey - Listen to and understand the thoughts of your audience through strategic surveyings. smartSurvey manages the creation of phone surveys and utilizes Voice over Internet Protocol phone-based data entry to help you improve future customer interactions by making you aware of their interests.
smartPrinter - Show your customers you are listening by sending them product offers or other printed materials that are relevant to their interests. smartPrinter manages and transmits XML data streams directly into customized marketing pieces.
smartGroups - Interacting with people in this fashion is personable and nonintrusive. This module allows you to interface with Social Networks such as Facebook by means of group surveys and email, creating an open dialogue between you and your online community.
smartData - Ensure you connect with your audience and never experience the dreaded database clean-up process again. smartData automatically cleans, standardizes, enhances, matches and provides national change of address updates to client data through the upload process.
smartAnalyser - Provides real-time analytics on which of your marketing tactics achieve the highest ROI.
smartSubscribe - A centralized client management of subscriptions to various modules to help you keep track of the profile attributes of each and every client.
smartManager - Provides centralized management of demographic group definitions for advertising to specific demographics, even different individuals within the same household, via the Web and Internet Protocol Television engines.
Each module has touch points to offer you direct feedback from your community. These additional touch points help your message cut through the clutter.
The smartMailer module of smartCommunicator is an easy to use tool that allows our small business to effectively deliver our message to the market at remarkably low costs maximizing our marketing dollars.
-Small Business Owner
In The News
smartCommunicator is a finalist for the prestigious 2009 Kruesi Spirit of Innovation Award to be awarded in the Spring of 2009. The Kruesi Award recognizes companies for innovative products, services and business practices that have been created and implemented by businesses in the Chattanooga area. The award has particular focus on innovation in the area of technology.
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