Smart Communicator
How it works:
smartCommunicator consists of 10 highly intuitive, interactive modules for instantly tracking and updating valuable information. Increase the effectiveness of your message by putting the power back in information. Click on the smartWheel below and see how smartCommunicator completes the cycle.
smart Wheel
We Answer Your Questions:
There are only smartQuestions, so go ahead and ask our skilled team!

Q. How do I know if I should use smartDialer or smartMessenger?
smartCommunicator has been a powerful tool in the communication and associated feedback of valuable data during recently completed campaign. We leaned heavily on the smartMailer, smartSurvey and VoIP calling services with great success.
-National Political Campaign
In The News
smartCommunicator is a finalist for the prestigious 2009 Kruesi Spirit of Innovation Award to be awarded in the Spring of 2009. The Kruesi Award recognizes companies for innovative products, services and business practices that have been created and implemented by businesses in the Chattanooga area. The award has particular focus on innovation in the area of technology.
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