Smart Communicator
About Our Company
smartCommunicator® is a product of Airnet Group, Inc and smartTech Corp., a single company established more than 14 years ago with the sole idea to make customers successful by using technology. Through the years our company has grown to be recognized as a national leader in leading performance technology and internet technology. In addition to our leading broadcast messaging products, we offer a wide array of products and services. These include world class data center facilities for managed server hosting, specialized co-location services, powerful traditional and wireless connectivity, data solutions, disaster recovery, and our Business Continuity Center.
The smartMailer module of smartCommunicator is an easy to use tool that allows our small business to effectively deliver our message to the market at remarkably low costs maximizing our marketing dollars.
-Small Business Owner
In The News
Airnet Group, Inc./ smarTech Corp. is nominated for several awards specific to cutting-edge technologies and the application of those technologies contained in the smartCommunicator suite of services. Awards will be presented on March 29th at the 2009 AAPC (American Association of Political Consultants and Public Affairs Professionals) Pollie Awards & Conference.
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